children photography

Although I don't blog or post it much, children photography is still what keeps me the busiest.  I know many of you have asked if it is something that I still do, and YES YES!! I love photographing kids, especially now that I have Piper.  Lifestyle sessions are something that I am really trying to zone in on lately. People think that a photo shoot means their child needs to be wearing a new outfit, staring right at the camera and smiling.  Although those images are lovely and you will receive a few like this in your session, I try very hard to capture more of your child's essence. Lifestyle is a day in YOUR LIFE.  Let your little boy wear his favorite dirty t-shirt and stomp in the mud during his session, if that is what he enjoys doing.  Of course, if he likes wearing new clothes and posing, there is nothing wrong with that either!  Let your little girl wear her mismatched clothes and make silly faces.  The only two photographs that Hart and I have printed and framed in our home is one of Piper, dirty as can be, sitting on the sidewalk playing with a puppy and another of her laying in bed next to Hart.  These are the moments I want to remember!