isabella | senior

This is my beautiful baby sister, Isabella. She will be graduating high school in May, and I'm in disbelief. I feel like it was just yesterday that I saw her for the first time at age 2, running through a hallway. I had no idea then who she was or what she would be to our family, but I stopped and talked to her. With her bouncing brown curls and shy smile, she melted me. I remember telling my mom about the adorable child I just saw, and she said "Oh, that is Isabella. She is living with the White's, and they are trying to find her a foster family." My heart ached and I said to my mom, "can't we be her foster family?" My mom probably doesn't even remember that. But it made such an impact on me, meeting this little girl without a family. It literally broke my heart. I think everyone who met little Ibby fell in love with her, and she is still that sweet little girl to me. And I'm so grateful she is my sister.