josh + kelsey | wedding

On one of the first weddings of the fall season, my family and I packed up and headed to Paducah, Kentucky to photograph the wedding of Josh and Kelsey. Paducah has a very cute and quiet downtown square on the Ohio River. I had never met Kelsey before, however the second I walked into the church I knew I had met a friend.  She greeted me with a gift from Oregon (where her and Josh are from) for my baby girl Piper.  I could tell throughout the day that behavior is typical of both Josh and Kelsey, very sweet and considerate. Though they both live in Oregon, they chose to have their wedding at a church in Paducah where Josh's father (who passed away during Josh's youth) was a member and designed some stained glass windows. In fact, where Josh got ready, there was a window he showed me that he had painted as a boy. I could feel Josh' love for his father as he told me about him during the day and his presence was very much felt.  This was a very sweet and intimate wedding, and I am happy that I was able to take part.