a note

Have you ever seen something so beautiful, so enticing, so delicious, so timeless that you just stared at it...just stared until your eyes burned and your vision blurred. I have on countless occasions. The timeless innocence on a child's face, the teary eyed new mother so eager for her child, the ecstatic bride as she readies for her big day, the age old places that we all have longed to see. I get an ache inside. I want to pause time and just soak in every minuscule detail. This is photography. It allows us all to pause time. Once we have a photograph, we can stand back and study this moment that brought us so much joy, until we will never forget it and the way it made us feel.

I am located in Nashville, where I spend most of my days loving on my family - my dashing husband (Hart) and our adorable little love (Piper).